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2017 Ripple Effect Award Winners Change Their World

A highlight of the 2017 Base Camp Bash to benefit Cottonwood Institute is the Ripple Effect Award. The Ripple Effect Award is given each year to two outstanding students and is all about celebrating how our smallest actions, even those we can’t immediately see, can ripple out into the community to have an even greater impact.

I am honored to accept this award. I just wanted to say Cottonwood is such a great class…my class is making a solar powered charging station so that students can think of energy as something other than just an outlet. Eventually the idea of using coal for energy can become obsolete. Cottonwood is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I support their actions as a non profit organization. Bryan Enriquez, STRIVE Prep – RISE Student

Base Camp Bash guests were blown away by speeches given from Community Adventure Program (CAP) students, Bryan Enriquez from STRIVE Prep – RISE and Jasi Sikora from New Vista High School. They shared how their CAP experiences had positively impacted their relationship to the environment, increased their environmental awareness, and motivated them to make a difference in their communities.

The more time I spend outside, the more I want to fight to protect what we, as beings, were originally given on the planet. I want my kids to be able to see tree covered mountains and forests with wildlife. If anything, I can pass on these things that I’ve learned, like importance of educating the community that I’m a part of. This class taught me so much about the value of being an educated citizen of the planet and this community. I am usually pretty good at keeping myself educated, but this class gave me tools to do something about issues I’m passionate about. Jasi Sikora, New Vista High School Student

These students are the reason Cottonwood Institute exists and we are honored to work with such incredible young people committed to making their schools, the community, and the environment a better place for everyone to live. Congratulations Bryan and Jasi!


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