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Cottonwood Institute Programs at New Vista Grow into 2018!

Cottonwood Institute (CI) programs at New Vista High School have seen a few changes lately as student interest has shifted. The great thing about CI’s student directed programming is that it can shift with the students so their passions still lead the way!

Below are descriptions of two new groups forming and getting projects underway at New Vista, taking the place of the old Earth Task Force. We are pleased for you to meet the Environmental Activism and Community Organizing (EACO) Workshop and DirtWorks Garden Club:

The Environmental Activism and Community Organizing (EACO) workshop is coordinating a duo of pro-environment activities for our Advisory Olympics! The two competitions between advisories will take place on February 28. They are an Alternative Transportation Event, and and a Bring Your Own Mug Event. We aim to stop, or at least minimize, the use of the disposable drink containers acquired when students go out during Lunch. While we, as a school, are fairly good at transporting ourselves to school via bus, we would love for more students to take public transportation, riding their bikes, walking, skating or even using a hover-board!

During community gathering on February 28, we will be polling the school in real time to see how close we came to our goal of 60% of students using alternative transportation. Then, after community gathering, there will be a table set up outside of the auditorium for those who brought reusable cups to claim their free drink. We are currently in search of drink donations and hope to include maté, hot chocolate, lemonade, kombucha and a variety of teas.

The advisory with the largest percent participation will receive 3 points toward Advisory Olympics. 2nd place will receive 2 points, and 1 point will go to the advisory placing 3rd.

Good luck and let’s save the Planet!

1 + 2 = Club: DirtWorks Begins…

People often think a single person is incapable of create change.
Anyone can start by finding one problem and having the determination to fix it.
New Vista High School has 2 sets of garden beds that have been under utilized for many years. One tenacious freshman saw the potential. She did some research as to the history of the garden beds at New Vista High School.
Then, she found 2 other students, one and a half mentors, and from those humble beginnings has created a viable club.

Why did the tomato turn red?
Cause it saw the salad dressing

But seriously, after a fruitful recruiting fair, the club (called DirtWorks) now has 9 active members, and the entire school is participating in a competition between homerooms to grow plants from seed. We will use the plants to populate the garden beds come spring. Upcoming activities include clean out of the beds, amending the soil, and creating a summer planting schedule. The club meets twice a week and sometimes after school. Everyone is having a great time! It just goes to show, one person really can make a difference. We’ll leave you with a smile:

What happens to grapes when you step on them?
They “wine”.

Both articles written by New Vista High School students.


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