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Volunteers Give Back On Mt. Evans

Under the intense blue of the mountain sky atop Mt. Evans, Cottonwood Institute and Colorado Fourteeners Initiative (CFI) teamed up to give back to the mountains we love so much. Our volunteers worked hard for two days, completing much needed trail maintenance and ecological restoration projects next to the glistening waters of Summit Lake. They got down and dirty moving rocks and building steps, making the trails around Summit Lake safe and enjoyable for all of us.

Cottonwood Institute believes in giving back to the mountains we love and use as our “office.”  By doing so, we build a connection with our communities, with nature, and with people. In the end, after hard-working days, and star-strewn nights, our volunteers came together, worked diligently, and had a great time! According to Josh Chance, “that’s the most fun I’ve had all year! I definitely want to participate again.”

We offer courses and volunteer projects for schools, community organizations, and businesses throughout the year.  Keep track of all we do at Cottonwood Institute and don’t miss out on anything by checking out our blog at https://www.cottonwoodinstitute.org/blogs/cottonwood-institute/

You can see all of the action on Mt. Evans by Clicking Here for the complete photo gallery.


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