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Operation: Military Kids With A Twist!

We experienced a new twist in the evolution of the Operation: Military Kids Essential Survival Skills course – family participation!  10 folks from 4 families, converged at the Colorado Lions Camp to challenge their carnivorous and cooperative edges. We learned about survival priorities, wild edibles, sustainable harvesting, camp craft, fire craft, stalking and wilderness walking. We were even treated with deer venison – Yum!  We learned how to work together and make decisions as a group, and how to take these skills back to our everyday lives.

In the face of the frost-covered forest floor, fire bans, and the chilly mountain air, participants still wanted more with phrases like, “why can’t this be longer?!” and “will we do it again?”

Check out our newest course: Operation: Military Kids Family Survival Skills Overnight, July 16-17, 2011 and stay tuned about what will we learn this time.

A special thanks to Operation: Military Kids, Colorado Lions Camp, and our brave military families for making this trip possible.

This article was written by Jason Lawrence and edited by April Pishna.



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