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GOAL Students Succeed Both Online and Outdoors!

Online students are not desk bound as far as GOAL Academy is concerned.  On a couple of warm sunny days this past summer Cottonwood Institute teamed up with GOAL Academy, Guided Online Academic Learning, to host two one-day survival courses for their students.

Working with our amazing instructors and GOAL chaperones, the students used the surrounding resources to build natural shelters, learned a variety of ways to make fire, and realized that survival knowledge is beneficial in the wilderness and online.  Students attending Cottonwood Institute courses not only learn shelter building techniques and fire skills, but they also learn patience, teamwork, leadership, and critical thinking skills.

After a day spent in the outdoors, GOAL students are now well-equipped with both academic and environmental skills. I would call that a successful endeavor!

Click here for a slideshow of the adventures!




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