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Web Journal Assignment #1

On Tuesday, we took a walk along Cherry Creek Path to explore our surroundings and to expand our awareness of the natural world. We learned about wide-angle vision to tap into our peripheral vision, we identified plants along the way and learned about some of their many uses, tried to identify some animal tracks, and we took a few moments to record what we saw, felt, heard and smelled. In your own words, what is nature awareness? In the context of this class, (which is a blend of outdoor skills and tackling an environmental issue in the community to help change the world) why is nature awareness important to develop?

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  1. Mikale

    Nature awareness is important because if people don’t pay attention to the environment, then the wild life like we saw on the Cherry Creek trail will be gone. If we don’t do something about over population, pollution in the air, and too many people over powering the wild life, then wild life won’t have a habitat.


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