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Multiplication Saves the Day, by Bill McKibben

In class we read the article “Multiplication Saves the Day: How just a few of us can save the planet” by Bill McKibben.  One of the pieces of advice he gives, in order to multiply the impact of individual citizens own actions, is to join a movement larger than yourself.  McKibben writes:

“So here’s the thing.  Along with spending a lot of time figuring out how to make your own life practically green (because it’s true, how are you going to face your kids if you don’t?), spend at least a little time figuring out how to engage in the symbolic political action that might actually add up to something useful.”

Some of the websites he suggest checking out are:

We Can Solve It


Project Laundry List:




Your Task in your journals: Check out each of these websites and write a brief (about one paragraph) summary of the purpose of each of these websites.

Answer the following questions:  As a high school aged student do you feel motivated to act politically?  Why or Why Not?

In what ways do you feel you have impact in your larger community?

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