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Journal for Friday, October 6, 2006

Now that we’ve completed our two overnight trips for this quarter, we are focusing our full attention on the action project.  Ross and Sam have really stepped up this week and started to delegate roles and tasks for everyone.  People are digging up all kinds of information regarding carbon neutral living and home energy conservation.  We are beginning to gain momentum.  For this journal response, I’d like you to consider in what ways this action project is similar to our overnight experiences.  Think about what the group needs in order for the overnight to run smoothly, and compare that with what we will need in order for our action project to work like a well oiled educating machine.  I’d like you to be as specific as you can, so don’t hold back on your length of response. 


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6 Responses to “Journal for Friday, October 6, 2006”

  1. Brenda L. Hernandez Rojas

    The action project is similar to the overnight experiences. The first reason is because we will need each other to make something happen/occur so if we work together we could make a difference both in the action project and in the overnights. The second reason is because we need materials both for the action project and the overnights. The third reason is that we have to plan/brainstorm on what we are going to do in both the action project and in the overnights so we could be ready to take action.

  2. Alexi Copeland

    The action project is similar to the overnight experience because for both we all have to work together to complete tasks. We needed to work as a group to cut the trees and cook dinner, and we’ll need to work together to educate the public about the benifits of being carbon neutral.

  3. Dylan McCarthy

    I think that for our action project to work like our overnights have, we need to change some things. In our overnights we always split the weight of what we are carrying evenly and work together to complete projects. We assigned specific cook groups so one group wouldn’t get overwhelmed with having to cook all the food. We also had to listen to each other to make things work.

  4. Gabe Freeman

    One major difference between the project and the overnight trips is that we didn’t have specific group leaders on the trips. Even though we all have the idea that we need to work together and pull our weight, we have them to fall back on now. Since they’re supposedly in charge, we feel like don’t have to do as much as them. I also think there isn’t enough structure to what we’re trying to do. On the overnight, we had simple, easy to nderstand tasks like cooking and setting up a tent. We knew they had to be done, so we did them. Since our goal is still being planned, and we haven’t really had to do anything but talk about it so far, we aren’t as motivated to make it work. I think we have it together enough to pull it off at this point, but it might not be as simple as setting up a stove.

  5. Jesse

    I think that our action project is like our overnights because we all are working together and trying to accomplash one overall goal. In order to make our action project run smoothly, like our overnights, then we need to use the same basic stratagies such as dividing up the work into groups and then all coming together to colaborate. We could also have a good plan of what we’re doing every day and what we have to do for those days.

  6. Anonymous

    by jaron the baron
    I think that the overnights and the action project are similar because we all need to work together and we need to each do our jobs. and if we don’t do our jobs then the action project will just not work.


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