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Journal for Friday, November 17, 2006

For this journal response, I’d like you to reflect on our overnight trip.  Now that you have one group expedition under your belt, please rank the following concepts in order of importance to a successful trip: Communication, Attitude, Logistics (gear, weather, lessons, etc.), and Personal Feelings.  Give complete reasons describing why you ranked the 4 concepts the way you did. 

When ranking these, think about how you functioned as an individual as well as how we functioned as a group.  What were specific weaknesses and successes that we experienced?  Which concepts brought them about?  Please do your best to make sure the grammar and punctuation of your responses are correct.  Have a great break!

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7 Responses to “Journal for Friday, November 17, 2006”

  1. stephen

    1. Communication
    2. Attitude
    3. Gear
    4. Feelings

    Communication is very important. You want everyone to be on the same page about what we are doing. Attitude is important because if somone is upset and in a foul mood they’re likely to spread bad vibes on each other. Gear is very important. I was freezing and I am going to bring more food next time. Your feeings matter because you want everyone to have a good time and feel good in the outdoors.

  2. ZAK Maytum

    1. Gear
    2. Attitude
    3. Communication
    4. Feelings.

    I put them in this order because each affects the next on the list. If you have good gear, you’ll be warm/full, therefore you’ll have a better attitude. If you have a better attitude you’ll be more willing to communicate in a positive manner. Finally if communication in a group is good the personal fellings of the members will be better.

  3. cass

    1. attitude
    2. communication
    3. gear
    4. feelings

    Well the first thing when you wake up in the morning is not your communication with others because there is none at all. And I wouldn’t worry about gear too much, although it stinks on a cold morning. Your feelings about where you are and who you’re with is not exactly peachy either. It’s your attitude! When you wake up in the cold frosty morning, the easiest way to get through the pain and suffering is having a good attitude about everything! Except the loud snoring fools on each side of me!

  4. allana

    1. Gear
    2. Communication
    3. Attitude
    4. Feelings

    I ranked gear as the most important concept to create a successful trip because without the proper equipment one’s attitude toward the trip will likely be negitive due to their uncomfort, and most importantly having the necessary gear will hopefully lead to a safe trip. I ranked communication second because it again goes along with the saftey thing, and will keep everyone happy and on the same page. Attitude is also a key element to a good trip. When there are “negitive Nancy’s” in the group bad attitude always seems to spread. And last, but certainly not least are feelings. This to me is not the most important aspect of a trip because you can either really get into what your doing and enjoy it or you can really just not care, it really depends on you personally and what you would like to get out of the experience.

  5. Carlton

    3.personal feeling

    I put logistics first because wherever you are going you’re probably going to need some kind of gear wether it’s a lighter and a pair of shoes to all that expensive gear that we haulled up. You’re going to need it some time or another and if you don’t have it somthing might go wrong and you might have to call your trip short. The trip might stink or you might die, and if any of those things happen I would not count it as a “successful trip.”

    I put communication as two becuase without communication (if you are hiking to your destination) you might not know where to go or how to do somthing and everything could go straight out the window real fast. Basically, communication is important becuase it helps thing keep running they way the should, especially in the outdoors.

    I put personal feelings as three because you have to have a feeling on it before anything else. Wether you’re happy or sad about being there, it probably will affect your experience. On this hike and camping trip I had decent feelings at the beining of the trip and they evolved into all around happiness becuase I always kept a positive atitude and that kind of explains #4 as well.

  6. Robert the great

    1.talking to eachoher
    2.team work
    3.give different things a try
    4.have fun

    If I have wet shoes and I dont tell anyone…my outdoor experience will pulmit into a mountain side. If little red spots start apearing on my body and I keep my mouth closed, somthing wack might be happening to me. That’s why we need to talk to each other and check up with Matt. If we didnt work as a team we could not have accomplished half of the things that we conqured during our trip. And giving new things a try never hurts.
    ~sir Robert~

  7. charlie

    1 Attitude
    2 Logistics
    3 Personal Feelings
    4 Communication

    Attitude is the most important in my opinion because if someone has a bad attitude, it sprays all over everyone else and pretty soon everyone is grumpy and fighting and the whole trip is messed up. Logistics are very important too- EX. bringing way too much food, a freezing wind or a bad backpack can all ruin your experience. I see personal feelings as another form of attitude, so i dint really feel the need to explain it. Communication is not that important in my opinion (keep in mind that i am talking about more communication than is normal. Communication is essential for survival, and our advanced communications brought us to where we as humans, are today)


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