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Journal Discussions for Monday, November 5, 2007

Welcome to the Journal Discussions portion of the Community Adventure Program.  Please comment on how CAP is going so far this quarter.  Do you feel that there has been a good introduction to environmental issues in our community, and what topics have been most interesting and inspirational thus far? Are there any environmental or community based topics that you would like to explore in more depth through a guest speaker or field trip?  Please write a one or two paragraph response to this journal discussions and remember to write down your typepad access information in your journals for future postings.

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6 Responses to “Journal Discussions for Monday, November 5, 2007”

  1. kazmo

    CAP started pretty well i think, it got us engaged into interesting subjects and kept us interested in those subjects. i am pretty interested in alternate car engines, and non polluting ways of transportation. i was shocked to hear about what is happening to our earth…
    maybe you could have a hippie come in and talk about his feeling on earth, and then the following have a redneck come in and give us his views. we could then talk about the differences/similarities and/or have a socratic seminar about it.

  2. Carsten

    So far i think CAP is going pretty well.
    The intro has been smooth and i’m pretty excited to go camping this weekend.
    I like the topics that have been centering more around human interactoin with the environment.

  3. john m.

    cap has gone well for me so far. ive lirned alot about environmental issues alot more than i alredy had known. i went from thinking that it was bull s***t to understanding it. i was interested to find that a majority of electricty came from heating water. id like to find out what the main issues are for america to be more Environmentaly frindly.

  4. RubyKF

    So far, I feel that CAP is going pretty well. We have had a good intro to environmental issues and it seems like we are all learning something. For me, learning more about the Pine Beatle problem has been motivational. It scares me every time I hear just how little forest Colorado will have soon, I feel like I should be doing something more to help. I would be interested in having someone from the Boulder Mountain Parks and Open Space come in and talk about other local issues. I am excited to get started on the action project, and to do more outside.

  5. mskhan1991

    CAP has been one of the best classes for me. I mean that you don’t really get to experience this kind of stuff a lot. This is also a new experience for me because I have been to camping very less in my life and I think it is important to get involved in the environment and it’s issues. What I have learned so far is a lot. I learned how to save energy and reduce carbon emissions. Actually this is the first class in which I get to do more work outside and I am kind of excited about the work because I want to get involved in my surroundings and enviroment.

  6. jacob wilson

    i like how this class isn’t just sitting in a room all day memorizing things. i like doing the things we do and its bean fun. all the handouts that we read are interesting and hiking and the field trips/overnights realy makes this class what it is.


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