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Journal Discussion for Monday December 3, 2007

Please write a journal entry discussing our current action project.  Are you pleased with the progress of our project at this point?  Do you feel that selling reusable shopping bags and CFL’s is a worthwhile project, and what impacts will it have on our community? There are several groups currently working on different aspects of the project, please discuss what your role is in the project and what responsibilities you have to insure that the project is completed on time.  Additionally, if you have any suggestions or comments on ways to improve the efficiency of the class time spent on the project feel free to include them. The outcome of the action project will be a direct representation of all members of the class, so if you see room for improvement or have suggestions please include them in your journal entry.  Remember that in order to receive full credit for this assignment your response must be two or more paragraphs, a two or three sentence response is not sufficient.

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7 Responses to “Journal Discussion for Monday December 3, 2007”

  1. kazmo

    I think that the impact of us selling reusable bags and CFL’s will help the community and reduce our environmental footprint. i think this because reusable bags cut down on the amount of plastic bags we use and CFL’s reduce the amount of electricity and energy we use in our household. currently i am pretty pleased with how our action project is doing but i really wish that the coffee mugs would have worked out. i think with those mugs we would have had a large amount of sales compared to just reusable bags and CFL’s.

    my hopes for this project is that we sell enough of our products to pay the cost of them off and buy wind energy credits for our school. if we could do that we would be helping our community and helping our school with the money we make. that all adds up to reducing our environmental footprint even more!i am really hoping that our project will be a success.

  2. Elliot G

    I am def pleased with how it is goin so far i just wish that we could have gotten grapgics on either our bags, or gotten mugs as well. Selling the canbas bags and CFL’s will reduce everyones “carbon footprint” and hopefully it also spread awareness and get more people to become awake to whats happening in our world. My role in the project is to make sure we have a place to sell our product and make sure the owner of the place know what days we are coming.

  3. kris

    CAP Journal discussion for Dec. 3rd
    Kris Gandrud
    For our action project our class decided to sell reusable bags, and mugs to reduce the communities waste of paper cups, bags as well as plastic bags, and plastic bottles. Also we will be selling compact florescent light bulbs. So far I feel that the class is excited about doing this project, and they all seem to be working harder than normal on it. A lot of the kids are really stepping up and working with maturity, and dedication. I feel the project is getting accomplished at a good rate. The one thing that has been stressing me out as a project leader is not being able to sell mugs because of the cost and the shipping time being beyond our time frame. Also I feel that the class isn’t being creative enough with what to spend our extra money on.

    My role in this project is “project leader” so I fell it is an relativity easy job in terms of work load but a stress full one in terms of responsibility, and making sure every thing gets done, as well as keeping the class under control. My responsibilities are to make sure that every thing gets accomplished and finished efficiently. I don’t have any other suggestions other than keep going to work, with determination to complete this project.

  4. jacob wilson

    i like the project idea and we are really jumping into it, which might not be a good thing. the mugs didn’t work out and thats because we didn’t check on how long it would take to print and ship them so that was our fault, so i think we should have started this project earlier in the courter. I’m having fun doing it and we are really learning how to handle something like this if we want to make a difference on our own. overall i still think i was a good idea and we will definitely make profit to buy our wind credits.

  5. mskhan1991

    I think that the action project will be very helpful. If our project is successful then people will be more attracted to buying stuff like reusable bags and energy saving bulbs. And if we can change the mind of a little group of people, it can also change the minds of others. I know that it feels good to buy a thing that can help reduce the carbon footprints of ours, on this planet. This project has so far been not so fine for me as I have to take care of other things in my exchange student programs but I would love to take care of most of the things that can help other people reduce the pollution they are producing every day.

  6. Carsten

    I think the action project is going well so far. aside from the few snags that were going to happen no matter what its been running almost smoothly. Our action project is to sell reusable groecery bags and CFL’s to help purchase wind energy credits to offset our state carbon emissions. My role in the project is media contacts. where me and my group members are to try and contact local media outlets to try and get the word out about we’re selling. I’ve contributed by finding contacts, calling said contacts, going to safeway to get a selling point approved, and finding the website we can buy the wind energy credits from.

  7. mariah

    I think that selling reusable bags and CFL’s is a good idea for an action project but how well is going to impact our cummunity?
    My job is to advertise and document the project. I’m going to and already have made posters. i’ve talked to Erin and Donna about announcements and sales dates.

    i think this project can be successful if we all cooperate and stick to our jobs.


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