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Journal Discussion for Friday, January 26, 2007

Aside from drafting a course contract and discussing aspects of this class, we spent a fair amount of time studying the history of environmentalism this week.  I’d like you to consider your ideas about the environmental movement before we constructed a timeline of environmentally historical events. What types of issues did you consider to be "environmental isssues?"  Now, compare those ideas and issues to how you now view the environmental movement.  What are some of the key differences between your previous ideas of environmentalism and the ideas you now hold?  What are some issues that you maybe didn’t consider "environmental" but now do?  Your thoughtful, grammatically correct responses are greatly appreciated.


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5 Responses to “Journal Discussion for Friday, January 26, 2007”

  1. hayley

    When you first asked us what we thought an environmental issue was, my first thoughts were Global Warming, Air Quality and Water Quality. After we constructed the timeline and read through it, I was surprised, especially when it was talking about sewerage and moths. I would have never thought that the issue of sewerage disposal an environmental issue, but now I understand that of course it would be, it affected more than the people in the household, and it was thrown into the street, therefore into the environment. That to me now is an environmental issue. Now when thinking of environmental issues, I think of things that not necessarily affect the whole country, but something that affects a group of people or animals. For example, when we need to cut down tree’s to extend our industries; it could be seen as an environmental issue, not only for us loosing our bush land and native plants but also to the animals that live there.

  2. Fraces

    The timeline we made in class changed my opinion as to what I consider an environmental issue. For example; before the time line project I did not think of sewage as an environmental issue but now it seems like a obvious one. There are issues that I think the general public are ignorant about (like the New Zealand mud snail) and simply educating about the issue would be a big step to resolving the problem. I think that one widely overlooked aspect of environmental health is how livestock and agriculture affects the environment.
    The environmental movement seems to be more of a lifestyle than an active movement, there are leaders and active efforts but the image seems to be an equally important part of environmentalism.

  3. Lily

    Well, I generally considered environmental issues to be the things that are most heard about, like global warming, forest depletion, endangered species, fresh water preservation, and pollution. When you asked us about what the word environment meant to us, i hardly thought about our school, or my house or anything like that. Now I consider any place that I could physically go to an environment with potential “issues.” So that means, anywhere….

  4. Torie

    After reading the timeline in class my view on enviromental issues has changed. In the 1800’s I think that some of the issues where not as big of a deal compared to the ones today. An issues back then was something like asbestos in the walls. Today we are facing very serious issues like global warming.
    On the other hand, some of the issues back then where a huge deal. For example, dead bodies in the drinking water…
    I noticed a change in todays environmental issues compared to the century’s before us. I would say that animals play a more prominent role. Today, animals are respected more, people are more educated, and animals have some rights (not enough in my opinion).

  5. Heather monteson

    The big environmental issues that came to mind when you asked the question were green house gases leading to global warming and the melting of the glaciers. I was mainly stuck on the bigger issues the world are facing. When we made the timeline, the main thing that surprised me as being an environmental issue was the sewer systems in Europe. I would have never thought of that being an environmental issue but now that i think about it, it does make perfect sense.


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