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Journal Discussion for Friday December 14, 2007

Hello everyone!  This journal discussion is intended to gain feedback on our action project this week.  Please respond with your comments on how the sales of our Eco-products have gone thus far.  Do you think that selling bags and CFL’s was a worthwhile experience?  If you were to repeat this past week of selling what would you have done differently or the same?  Do you think that our marketing strategy was successful and were your efforts to reduce the environmental impact of people in our community well received?  What was your favorite aspect of this project and how did your individual efforts help the class project as a whole? 

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6 Responses to “Journal Discussion for Friday December 14, 2007”

  1. Carsten

    I think that selling bags and CFL’s was a good idea since it not only helped us get money to offset our grids carbon emissions but its also getting people to use more eco friendly products. If we had to do something different i think it would have been better to try and start selling earlier. I think our marketing strategy was good but again it could have gone better. Most of the time our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of people were met with alot of smug remarks and “I already did that” meaning alot of people have saved the environment already so we should be okay.

  2. Elliot G

    Because of absence today was my first day selling and things went awesome. Despite the cold we sold all the bulbs we brought and almost all the bags. It not only for a good cause but fun as well. It is definitely a worthwhile project, i think we will make what we spent and hope fully more. If i was to repeat the week of selling I would do just what i did today. Stay positive towards the customers and explain to them why these products are eco-friendly. if u look cold they will buy……I thought that most people who bought from us understood what we stood for and hopefully felt good knowing that they just did reduce their footprint. My favorite aspect of the project was actually getting out there and selling. It felt good to sell what we worked so hard for and know the money is going to a good place for a good cause.

  3. kris

    This was a good action project to take on because it required a lot of involvement with the community, and exploring your community is really what C.A.P is all about. Personally i was very dissapointed that we couldn’t sell any mugs. I do think that the compact florescent lights (CFL’s) where a great idea because our class did not have enought to sell and people wanted more of them. The bags where a great idea and I thought they looked really good, but sadly they where not that popular with the costumers. If I was to repeat the project I would have purchased more CFL’s and done the entire project in the summer at the Farmers Market. I believe that the cold, and the snow really took people out of a good mood. our selling tecqnickes where fine the only thing was that people where not in the mood because of the weather. Now that could have been because I sold at the Safeway on Arapaho and we had to sell outside, if we had been selling inside where standing outside in the could to purchase a bag wasn’t an issue then I think all of the groups could have done better. My favorite part of this project would have been contacting people in charge, and requesting that we be able to sell at their store, school, what ever.

  4. mskhan1991

    So far, my experience of selling stuff has improved and i have gained quite an amount of confidence. Our product sales on the first day wasn’t very exciting as we sold very less amount but as days passed we were able to sell most of the bags and bulbs. I wasn’t expecting so many people to buy the bulbs and we ran out of them quite quickly. The sales of the bags were not so good at first but we were able to sell more on the second and the last day. The strategies that i think useful were referring to a person as “Sir or ma’am” or being polite and also not blocking their path of walking. The things that made people avoid us were being not serious about selling things and less amount of information about the bags and bulbs (no fact sheet).

  5. mariah

    I felt like theselling went smoothly throughout the whole week. I sold a lot of bags abd bulbs at New Vista. I didn’t like selling at SafeWay. i felt like a few of the group members weren’t doing as mush as others and were just yelling. I was also very very cold. I think we can still make money off the bags if we haven’t sold them all. oh yeah, what i would have done differently was getting more locations and having a slogan or a catchy phrase.

  6. kazmo

    Well, i think that our selling for that week was successful everywhere but the Safeway on arapahoe… if i remember correctly we only sold 5 bags and 5 CFL’s. Almost everyone that came in the store ignored us or said that they were already “eco friendly”. i think that we could have gone to a better location with more traffic, but besides all the negative things i think that we did have some success. selling CFL’s was a great idea mostly due to the fact that they sold like hot cakes! the bags on the other hand had good potential but the cost of them were a little too high for most people. i think that they didn’t want to pull out more than a 5 dollar bill. although i was not there i heard that the selling at New Vista was great and that they made lots of money, the school was the most successful place because everyone understood what we were doing more than strangers on the street.


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