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Freedom Writers

The Cottonwood Institute recently hosted a screening of Freedom Writers, starring Hillary Swank, for our latest "Change the World Movie Night." The movie chronicles a new teacher in a recently integrated public school in Long Beach, CA during the early 1990’s, following the Rodney King beating and LA riots when racial tensions were high. Erin Gruwell, played by Hillary Swank, was deeply committed to making a difference in the lives of her 9th grade English class and to transforming the way she taught and inspired students that most of her peers, teachers, and administrators had written off. Despite a lack of resources and support from her Department Chair and Principal, she taught these students all four years of their high school career and they all graduated high school. Guiding Question: Like Erin Gruwell, if we are deeply committed to changing something, we can be unstoppable. What are you committed to changing in your school, your job, your environment, or your community?

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