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Earth Task Force Brings ACE to New Vista High School!

On September 8th, 2011, the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) visited New Vista High School (NVHS) for a very special annual treat. Amy Atkins, a senior educator for ACE, with the help of the Earth Task Force (ETF),  presented an interactive video with a mission to educate and inspire students to battle climate change.   As new students come in and seniors graduate, the ETF wants to remind all students of their power to create change.

There are endless ways to help the environment, some taking little effort but reaping big rewards. So, concluding the presentation, each student was challenged to a DOT, or a do-one-thing. A DOT is a small pledge a student can take to make their world a little greener. A DOT could be as simple as bringing a re-useable mug to your favorite cafe, or buying local organic vegetables. The ETF is constantly amazed with the creative ideas that students come up with!  The entire school’s DOTs are now displayed along the walls of the front entrance to continually inspire change.

ACE has been a partner with the ETF and the Cottonwood Institute for three years now and has helped track our projects and come up with fresh ideas to keep the student body motivated to change the world.

Article written by Gracie Currier-Tate and edited by Paige Doughty.


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