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Winter Staff Training Snowing With Excitement

As we set out for our annual Winter Staff Training, the snow flakes dumping in the cold mountain air, the excitement of Cottonwood Institute’s staff was hard to miss.  Veterans and rookie instructors alike came together to learn about patience, compassion, and survival in the snow.

Brainard Lake Recreation area provided the ideal location for our annual winter outing.  In addition to building a classic quinzhee snow shelter, we also worked on winter safety and risk management concerns, winter survival priorities, emergency snow trench shelters, setting up a winter base camp, and of course, plenty of games and tricks to keep us active and warm throughout the day.

While the temperature was low, meeting new friends, connecting with old ones, and learning some mad new skills, kept all of our spirits high. Be sure to visit our blog regularly to see how we continue to “change the world, one adventure at a time.”


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