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Trip Log (TLOG) for March 4 -5, 2006

The Community Adventure Program Trip Log (TLOG) is a tool that we use to document each trip. Students can use this as a reference and template for coordinating their own trips outside of this class and future CAP classes will use this information as a reference for future trips. This is also a reflective tool for students to document what worked and what did not work for future outings.


Basic Trip Information:

  • Trip name: East Portal
  • Dates: March 4-5, 2006
  • Location: East Portal/Moffet Tunnel, outside of Rollinsville, Colorado.
  • Name of students on the trip: Rachel Bigos, Brant Clark, Kellen Cooper-Sansone, Griffin DeHoog, Samantha Emmitt, Brian Fauver, Sam Keilly, John Quinn, Cass Robertson, Astrea Strawn
  • Name of adults on the trip: Ford Church, Tiffany Fourment
  • Transportation used: Private vehicles
  • Estimated round trip transportation mileage: 71 miles

Land Management and Permitting:

  • Land agencies involved and contact information: Boulder Ranger District, 2140 Yarmouth Avenue, Boulder, CO 80301 Phone: (303) 541-2500
  • Specific maps used: Indian Peaks/Gold Hill 7 1/2 minute map
  • Permit information: No permit required for overnight camping for groups less than 75 people in Roosevelt National Forest.
  • Land management rules and regulations: Fires permitted in the National Forest as long as there is no fire ban. Pack out all trash.

Emergency Information:

  • Identify students and adults with medical training and indicate current level of training: Ford Church – Current Wilderness First Responder. Tiffany Fourment – First Aid.
  • Evacuation options: Call 911, dispatch ambulance or search and rescue, hike/evacuate.
  • Contact information for nearest hospital: Boulder Community Hospital, Boulder, CO, 303.440.2273.
  • Contact information for nearest Sheriff’s office: Boulder County Sheriff’s Office: 303.441.4444
  • List of emergency contacts in order of priority:
  1. 911 for emergencies
  2. Rona Wilensky:
  3. Diana McKnight:
  4. Boulder County Sheriff’s Office: 303.441.4444

Extended Field Trip Forms:

  • Extended Field Trip / Activity Trip Request Form: Completed
  • Consent for Excursion or Extended Trip & Release Waiver and Indemnification: Completed
  • Medical Emergency Form: Completed
  • Private Vehicle / Driver Form (if applicable): Completed
  • Printed Roster / List of Each Student Attending Event: See above
  • Complete detailed itinerary of trip: See attached itinerary
  • Copies of all written correspondence to parents: See attached
  • List of emergency information and contact phone numbers: See above
  • List of sponsors / supervisors: See above
  • Copies of any additional insurance policies / Coverage’s (Rental Car Insurance): N/A
  • Proof of travel insurance on each participant: N/A
  • Written explanation of educational purpose of the trip: See attached itinerary.



Specific Trip Information:

  • Describe weather: Clear days with some wind and in the evening a light sprinkle of snow. Highs in the 50’s and lows in the 20’s.
  • Describe trail conditions: Shallow snow, with some mud and slush, there was a 4+ foot snow pack in the trees.
  • Total miles hiked: 3 miles
  • Identify major water sources: We melted snow for water
  • Describe group dynamics: the group work really well together, there was maybe two occasions in which people argued, but other wise they worked well together.
  • Provide outline of daily activities:
  • Saturday: We left around 8:30/9:00am and arrived at the trail head around 10:30; we hiked in and arrived at the site around noon; then a few people did some exploring of the area to find good quinzhee locations, while others ate some people collected firewood and sticks for the quinzhees; then while quinzhees settles a few people helped Tiff dig out the fire pit. Then around 4:30/5pm people began to dig out quinzhees and eat dinner then a few of the girls dug out the boys quinzhee. Then the group sat around the fire and talked for a few hours before going to bed around 11pm.
  • Sunday: Everyone was up by 9am and making breakfast. Then while people were cleaning up and packing one of the student set up a lesson, around 11 everyone gathered up for a lesson on snow trenches; then everyone continued to pack; then we went and broke down quinzhees and had a snowball fight then headed out around 1pm; we drove back to the school.
  • Describe outdoor and environmental issues observed: Trail up to our campsite gets a lot of use and has heavy traffic.


  • Describe breakfast food and how many meals were planned for: One breakfast; some of the foods included: oatmeal, grits, tortillas with nutella and butter, and chocolate chip cookies.
  • Describe lunch food and how many meals ere planned for: two lunches; some included: bagels, tuna, sandwiches, cheese, bars, peanut butter, chocolate chip cookies, tortillas and nutella.
  • Describe dinner food and how many meals were planned for: one dinner; some included: soup bowls, sandwiches, beans and rice and chocolate chip cookies.

Financial Information:

  • Total transportation rental costs: None, we used private vehicles
  • Total transportation gas costs: None, we used private vehicles
  • Total food expenses for each group: Approximately $20 per person
  • Total gear rental expenses for each group: Students who had to rent gear spent an average of $20 for the weekend
  • Total Expenses for Trip: None
  • Total Contributed by Students: Students were responsible for food and equipment rental fees
  • Total Contributed by School: The school reimbursed Ford and Tiff for mileage. The school also paid Tiffany $100 as co-instructor for the weekend.
  • Total Contributed by Other Sources: None

Medical/Evacuation Information

  • Describe any medical issues, first aid administered, evacuations, and provide detailed information about each incident: Contact Ford for written report.

Next Time Notes:
Describe anything you would change if you did this same trip again and document any lessons learned:

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