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Trip Log for May 14 – 15, 2005

The Community Adventure Trip Log (TLOG) is a tool that we use to document each trip. Students can use this as a reference and template for coordinating their own trips outside of this class and future CAP classes will use this information as a reference for future trips. This is also a reflective tool for students to document what worked and what did not work for future outings.


Basic Trip Information:

  • Trip name: Ceran St. Vrain Overnight
  • Dates: May 14 – 15, 2005
  • Location: Ceran St. Vrain Trail near Jamestown, Colorado. From New Vista High School, take Broadway north to US 36 heading towards Lyons. Take a left on Hwy. 94 towards Jamestown. There will be two major forks in the road on the way up to Jamestown, so make sure you stay to the right. Just past Jamestown, it will turn to a dirt road. About a mile or two before you reach Hwy. 72, there will be a sign and turn off to the right saying Ceran St. Vrain Trailhead. There is a parking area by the trailhead.
  • Name of students on the trip: Misra Cohen-MacGill, Ashley Garcia, Alys Hansen, Shelby Jensen, Anna Meiners, Ian Nordby, DJ O’Neal, Justin Roznowski, Dorian Singh.
  • Name of adults on the trip: Ford Church, Jessica Newman
  • Transportation used: Private vehicles
  • Estimated round trip transportation mileage: 50 miles

    Land Management and Permitting:

  • Land agencies involved and contact information: Boulder Ranger District, 2140 Yarmouth Avenue, Boulder, CO 80301 Phone: (303) 541-2500
  • Specific maps used: Ward/Allenspark USGS 7 1/2 minute map
    Permit information: No permit required for overnight camping for groups less than 75 people.

  • Land management rules and regulations: Fires permitted in the National Forest as long as there is no fire ban. Pack out all trash.

    Emergency Information:

  • Identify students and adults with medical training and indicate current level of training: Ford Church – Current Wilderness First Responder. Jessica Newman – First Aid.
  • Evacuation options: Call 911, dispatch ambulance or search and rescue, hike/evacuate
  • Contact information for nearest hospital: Boulder Community Hospital- 303.440.2273
  • Contact information for nearest Sheriff’s office: Boulder County Sheriff’s Office: 303.441.4444
  • List of emergency phone numbers in order of priority:
    1. 911 for emergencies
    2. Rona Wilensky: 303.929.2387
    3. Diana McKnight: 303.881.7688
    4. Boulder County Sheriff’s Office: 303.441.4444

    Extended Field Trip Forms:

  • Extended Field Trip / Activity Trip Request Form: In progress
  • Consent for Excursion or Extended Trip & Release Waiver and Indemnification: Completed
  • Medical Emergency Form: Completed
  • Private Vehicle / Driver Form (if applicable): Completed
  • Printed Roster / List of Each Student Attending Event: See above
  • Complete detailed itinerary of trip: See attached itinerary
  • Copies of all written correspondence to parents: See attached
  • List of emergency information and contact phone numbers: See above
  • List of sponsors / supervisors: See above
  • Copies of any additional insurance policies / Coverage’s (Rental Car Insurance): N/A
  • Proof of travel insurance on each participant: N/A
  • Written explanation of educational purpose of the trip: See attached itinerary.


    Specific Trip Information:

  • Describe weather: Nice weather, partly cloudy, highs in the low 70’s, lows in the 40’s.
  • Describe trail conditions: Icy and muddy in patches, otherwise well traveled trail.
  • Total miles hiked: 2.5 miles
  • Identify major water sources: Ceran St. Vrain Creek
  • Describe group dynamics: Cheery, positive, despite the fact that everyone was sick.
  • Provide outline of daily activities:
  • Saturday:– Met at school…hiked to basecamp…sit spot…set up camp…ate lunch…clothes pin awareness activity…worked on fire…survival scenario…built a kick ass shelter…made fire with magnifying glass…riddles…”Would you rather?”…ate dinner…Misra talked about stars…played guitar…ate popcorn…went to bed…
  • Sunday:– Woke up…Dorian started fire…ate breakfast…debriefed survival scenario…burn spoons…yucca cordage…afternoon hike…lunch…sit spot…hike out
  • Describe outdoor and environmental issues observed: trail widening…erosion…lots of fire pits…heavily used area…trashed campsites…


  • Describe breakfast food and how many meals were planned for: Planned for 1 breakfast. Students cooked oatmeal, Poptarts, peanut butter and bagels, scones, etc.
  • Describe lunch food and how many meals ere planned for: Planned for 2 lunches. Students ate bread and humus, pepperoni, bread, gorp, cheese and crackers, energy bars, buffalo jerky, peanut butter, bagels, etc.
  • Describe dinner food and how many meals were planned for: Planned for 1 dinner. Students ate pesto pasta, Cajun beans and rice, popcorn, bread, tea, mate.

    Financial Information:

  • Total transportation rental costs: None, we used private vehicles
  • Total transportation gas costs: None, we used private vehicles
  • Total food expenses for each group: $6 – $20 per student
  • Total gear rental expenses for each group: $24 to rent a backpack from REI.
  • Total Expenses for Trip: None
  • Total Contributed by Students: Students were responsible for food and equipment rental fees
  • Total Contributed by School: The school reimbursed Ford and Jessica for mileage. The school also paid Jessica $100 each for the weekend.
  • Total Contributed by Other Sources: None

    Medical/Evacuation Information:

  • Describe any medical issues, first aid administered, evacuations, and provide detailed information about each incident: None.

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