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Top 10 Inspiring Cottonwood Institute Stories From 2013

Fish BoneAs we reflect back on the Cottonwood Institute programs we delivered this year we are incredibly proud of our students who really pushed themselves, stepped out of their comfort zones, explored the outdoors, and tackled some impressive Action Projects in 2013.

By the numbers: This year we served 545 students (almost 100 more than 2012), over 17,000 program contact hours, and almost 8,000 service hours to help make their schools, communities, and the environment a better place.

So what exactly were our students up to this year? Here are our Top 10 Inspiring Stories from 2013:

1. Exploring, Water Quality, and Camping: Casa de la Esperanza Youth Impact Their Community

2. Local Farmers + Local Food + Local Action = Local Lunch

3. STRIVE Prep Sunnyside Explores Questions About Trash, Food, And Trail Use

4. Dropping Into The Wild: Cottonwood Institute Teams Up With Colorado Youth For A Change

5. Casa de la Esperanza Families Enjoy Time Together Outdoors

6. Video: Green Star School Education Campaign

7. And The 2013 Ripple Effect Award Goes To…Camille Lauer!

8. Graffiti, Local Food, and Night Hikes: Strive Prep Makes Lasting Memories With Cottonwood Institute

9. Elk, Camping, and Reflection at New Vista High School

10. We Did It! Cottonwood Institute won $25,000 from Chase Community Giving During Denver Startup Week

What was your favorite story or Action Project this year? Let us know by posting a comment on our Facebook Page by Clicking Here.

White Ranch HikeThank You! We could not pull all of this off without the support of our donors, educational partners and supporters, 3 amazing full-time staff, 15 passionate instructors, our dedicated board of directors, and a very limited operating budget.

Donate Today: If you like the work we are doing in the community, please consider making a tax-deductible donation securely online by Clicking Here or exploring other ways to donate by Clicking Here to help us meet our budget goal by December 31st, 2013 and help set us up for success in 2014!

Colorado Gives Day: Donations scheduled today through Colorado Gives Day on December 10th, 2013 will help the Cottonwood Institute receive a share of a $250,o00 incentive fund set up by 1st Bank and the Community First Foundation. Schedule your donation today!


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