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Top 10 Inspiring Stories From 2016

Top 10 Inspiring Stories From 2016It has been another energizing and successful year! We are excited to announce Cottonwood Institute’s annual top 10 inspiring stories from 2016. Thanks to all who voted on our Cottonwood Institute Facebook Page!

So what were our students up to this year? Check it out!

  1. New Cottonwood Institute Video: Watch. Like. Share.
  2. Do You Believe in Magic? CYC Students Do! 
  3. Growing Food for the Community: STRIVE Prep – Westwood 
  4. STRIVE Prep – RISE Rises Above Chilly Weather
  5. New Vista CAP Sings Their Way Through the Woods
  6. Military Kids and Families Connect with Nature and Each Other
  7. Alumni Engagement and Evaluation Report 2016
  8. Saving the Bees with STRIVE Prep – Excel
  9. Food, Fracking, and Pollution: Action Projects by KIPP Montbello CAP Students 
  10. Lafayette Coalition Wins $2.8M GOCO Inspire Initiative Grant

What were your favorite stories, Action Projects, or events from 2016? Post your favorite link on our Cottonwood Institute Facebook Page!

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