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Survival course might be music to your ears!

On May 5th, the Denver Post (click to read article) printed a short paragraph highlighting our partnership with musician Jack Johnson, All At Once and an organization called Reverb. Deeply rooted within the music and environmental communities, Reverb educates and engages musicians and their fans to promote environmental sustainability.

As many of you have heard through our outreach efforts, the Cottonwood Institute will be auctioning tickets off to support our Griffith Scholarship Fund for students to attend our Summer Courses. Also, we have been granted the opportunity to recruit 10-15 volunteers to educate concert goers at the August 17, 2008 Red Rocks show on ways they can reduce their environmental/carbon footprint. All the volunteers will see some of the show as a thank you! If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Jamie S. Dent and you will be entered into a raffle. You can learn more about our partnership and this volunteer opportunity by listening to our Entercom Radio show podcast. There is more to come!

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