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Springing into Action in 2014

Endangered Wolves and Animal TrackingLS3 Wolf Rub
This spring, we will facilitate our Endangered Wolves and Animal Tracking Program to students from Littleton Academy, Logan School, Colorado Academy, and STRIVE Preparatory Charter Schools. As part of the program, students will camp out for nearly a week at Mission:Wolf, a wolf refuge located in south central Colorado, to learn about endangered wolves, practice wilderness survival and animal tracking skills, and complete “Action Projects” to help care for wolves and their habitat. Last year, students completed Action Projects in which they prepared meals for the wolves, fed the wolves, maintained fences, and built fire bunkers for the wolves. Giving Back to Cal-WoodPrograms at Mission: Wolf not only teach students about wolves, but also allow students to build greater bonds with their peers, develop leadership skills, and find a deeper understanding of the their role as a steward of the natural world.

Mini-CAP with STRIVE Prep
Beginning in just a few weeks, we will begin facilitating Mini-CAP at three STRIVE Preparatory Charter Schools’ campuses: Sunnyside, Westwood, and Green Valley Ranch. Our Mini-CAP programs are condensed versions of the Community Adventure Program (CAP). STRIVE Prep students will participate in Mini-CAP as part of their Compost Bin“Enrichment Block” for four to six weeks. During the class, students will explore the natural world through hikes and camping trips. They also create a student-directed “Action Project” in which the students select and learn about an issue they are passionate about, connect with a local organization, plan and complete a project to make a difference. Last year, STRIVE Prep students completed Action Projects addressing issues such as food waste, trash in community parks, school waste, and graffiti in local neighborhoods. We’re excited to see what local environmental issues students choose to tackle this spring in their Mini-CAP classes!Quinzhee Building!

Other Winter and Spring Programs
We will also be delving into Boulder County Flood Restoration with Colorado Youth for a Change. Be sure to stay tuned for updates on our other programs too: Operation: Military Kids, Learning Gardens, CAP at New Vista High School, Earth Task Force, and more! We’re out to change the world, one adventure at a time!


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