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Quality Quinzhees from Quality Instructors!

It’s hard to think about winter survival skills when its been in the 60’s recently here in Denver.  But only a few weeks ago, we had enough snow to build some serious quinzhees.  Amidst the gently falling flakes at Brainard Lake Recreation Area, a quintessential group of outdoor educators gathered together for Cottonwood Institute’s annual winter instructor training.

While learning about shelters, fire skills, thermodynamics, and environmental issues, more importantly, we built relationships: connecting not only with each other, but with the land and its resources. Working together we create curriculum for our students that go above and beyond your typical outdoor education courses.  We create change-makers!

A special thanks and huge shout-out to all of our rock-star instructors!  Without you programs like the Community Adventure Program, Earth Task Force, Cesar Chavez Organic Gardening, and Endangered Wolves and Animal Tracking, to name only a few, would not be possible.  Thank you for making Cottonwood Institute courses what they are: creative, fun, inspirational, empowering, action-packed, and of course, educational!

“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, usually do.” (Unknown) Until our next training in June, stay crazy!

How many instructors can you fit in a quinzhee? Check out the amazing video below for the answer:


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