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Last Chance to Receive Sold Out Jack Johnson Tickets!

Breaking news from the Cottonwood Institute: Jack Johnson is performing live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on August 17th and it’s completely SOLD OUT, right?  Right…well, technically. 

The Cottonwood Institute received a donation of TWO GREAT TICKETS to this very show and YOU have the chance to make them YOURS.  They will be auctioned off to the highest bidder and all of the proceeds benefit the Cottonwood Institute’s Griffith Scholarship Fund.  The tickets were donated by Jack Johnson, the All at Once Community and his Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation who have pledged to match what the Cottonwood Institute raises up to $2,500—absolutely fantastic!

Alright, now pay close attention:   

The online auction begins today, July 24th, at 7:00 p.m. and will accept bids until Sunday, August 3rd.   This is a great opportunity to see an amazing musician at one of the country’s best music venues as well as support the Cottonwood Institute.  Bid Now to secure your tickets to the SOLD OUT show!   

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