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Cottonwood Institute Welcomes New Program Coordinator

964214_10102163088490244_8899012034999872719_oWe are thrilled to have Taryn Longberry join the Cottonwood Institute team and we are moving forward full steam ahead!  In addition to taking over the Program Coordinator position, she is gearing up for teaching her first quarter as Community Adventure Program Coordinator (CAP) at New Vista High School in Boulder, CO.  We are proud to welcome her on board and are excited for what she will bring to the table!

Taryn is passionate about providing youth with opportunities to learn through hands-on activities and exploring the outdoors. She is not afraid to be goofy and get dirty, the students better be ready! While earning a B.S. in Environmental Geography and a M.S. in Natural Resources, she spent time learning about environmental education teaching strategies and methods she could incorporate into her teaching. She gained invaluable experience working for many small environmental education non-profits such as Community Food Initiatives, McCall Outdoor Science School, and Stone Environmental School. Taryn also has experience as a wilderness therapy guide. While working for Second Nature Blue Ridge, she gained experience in leading wilderness expeditions and managing large group dynamics. She spends her free time playing outside, rock climbing, skiing, yoga, and one of her favorite activities is rollerblading with her dog Bentley!



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