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Cottonwood Institute Settles In To New Home At The Alliance Center

The Alliance CenterAfter many moons of working from coffee shops, their homes, and strategic locations with wireless connections along the Boulder/Denver corridor, the Cottonwood Institute (CI) staff settled into their new home at The Alliance Center in downtown Denver.

“This is an exciting time for the Cottonwood Institute,” said Ford Church, CI’s Founder and Executive Director. “The Alliance Center is the hub for sustainability in Colorado, which aligns well with our mission and vision. We have access to a tremendous amount of knowledge, talent, and resources to share with our students to help promote critical thinking and we are close to many of our downtown Denver sponsors and supporters, making this an ideal location for us.”

The Alliance Center building is a model of commercial real estate sustainability in action. It is the first historic building in the world to receive 2 LEED certifications for existing buildings and commercial interiors and they are seeking Platinum certification for existing buildings operations and maintenance. They also just completed a major renovation to upgrade its outdated heating and cooling system and redesigned the interior space to foster better collaboration among its tenants.  For more information about the sustainability features of the building, Click Here.

The new space will help the CI staff work together more collaboratively and they all enjoy biking and commuting to work with the newly renovated Denver Union Station a block away.

The next time you find yourself downtown, give us a call at 303.447.1076 and we would love to connect and give you a quick tour of the building. Don’t be a stranger!


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