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Alumni Spotlight: Chelsea Weiskerger

What do Cottonwood Institute students go on to do later in life? What are these folks doing today to feed their passion for the outdoors and the environment? Well, over the past few weeks I have been getting back in touch with Cottonwood Institute Alumni to see what they are up to. The first alumnus I spoke with was Chelsea Weiskerger, who took the Endangered Wolves and Animal Tracking course in the summer of 2005. Here is what she had to say:

Q: What are you up to these days?

A: Since the course in 2005, I have been a college student (it is my third year) at Colorado State University, studying Wildlife Biology and Spatial Computer Information Systems (making maps). I have been lucky enough to work in research laboratories at CSU and do field work in Northeastern Colorado and Pingree Park, (just North of Rocky Mountain National Park).

Q: What is your favorite Cottonwood Institute memory or story from your course?

A: My favorite Cottonwood Institute memories would be getting to meet Magpie and Raven at Mission:Wolf, doing volunteer work on trails and roads around Mission:Wolf, and waking up to the wolves howling every morning. It was a great trip overall!

Q: What environmental issue are you most passionate about and what are you doing to address it?

A: Right now, I am most passionate about global climate change and its effects on wildlife populations into the future. That is actually the topic of my thesis for school – I am researching the effects of global climate change on bird populations on the Galapagos Islands and Hawaii, to come up with conservation plans for them in light of the potential consequences of global climate change.

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  1. admin

    Great to hear what you are up to Chelsea. Mission: Wolf is an amazing place and they are doing such extraordinary work in the world. Good luck finishing up at CSU and here is to following your dreams!


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