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Colorado Outdoor Bill Of Rights For Kids!

Colorado Lt. Governor Barbara O’Brien announced today the Colorado Outdoor Bill of Rights for kids in outside of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science in Denver’s City Park. Her goal through this initiative is that ALL Colorado kids should have the opportunity to:

  1. Camp out under the stars.
  2. Follow a trail, ride it or walk it, and be respectful of everyone’s right to use the trail.
  3. Play in a creek or river: fish, wade, paddle, or skip a stone.
  4. Experience the wonders of Colorado’s four seasons: wildflowers, abundant sunshine, the changing aspen leaves, and fresh powder snow.
  5. Visit a working farm or ranch.
  6. Enjoy the view from the top of a mountain.
  7. Identify Colorado’s official state wildlife and plants in their natural habitat.
  8. Explore one of the dozens of local, state, and national parks in Colorado.
  9. Play in the dirt and learn about the world from the ground up.
  10. Plant a seed for other Colorado kids to enjoy in the future.

We are proud to say that Cottonwood Institute Courses help Colorado youth accomplish every one of these goals! To download the Outdoor Bill of Rights, Click Here. To read the article in today’s Denver Post, Click Here.


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