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An Inconvenient Truth

The Cottonwood Institute recently hosted another "Change the World Movie Night" at the Fluid Coffee Bar in Denver, Colorado with a screening of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. Al Gore put presidential and political ambitions behind him and is on a mission to raise an awareness about global warming and climate change. He does a solid job explaining global warming in basic terms as well as presenting persuasive graphs, data, and footage showing the effects of global warming and the dangerous impact that it will have on the future.

My one criticism of the film is that Al Gore could have spent more time on what people can do to take action. There is great information about simple things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint on their website at http://www.climatecrisis.net/takeaction/. The truth is shocking, but taking action must be convenient and I think this starts with awareness and education.

Guiding Question For Those Who Have Seen the Film: What will you do with the information presented in this film? What small changes can you make in your daily life to reduce your environmental footprint?

Guiding Question For Those Who Have Not Seen the Film: What is preventing you from seeing the film?

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  1. David Schmid

    Having seen the movie at an earlier date I was motivated to purchase the book also. I found this movie to be very motivating and eye opening personally and the book is essentially the movie on paper. My biggest struggle has been not being able to access or locate the references used to produce the movie and book. Being able to have these resources at our disposal would allow us to better inform ourselves and others about the science behind the movie.


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