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Alumni Snapshot: Jeremy Bacon

Jeremy took the Wildland Firefighter Project from the Cottonwood Institute a few years ago. Since then, Jeremy volunteered with Americorps where he was sent to City Year Boston to work at an inner city elementary school in Boston, Massachusetts. Jeremy acted as events coordinator for in school programs and helped run their after school programs as well. I recently had the pleasure to speak with Jeremy to find out what he is up to today.

Q: What are you up to these days?

A: While I was at City Year Boston I held the schools first ever Slam Poetry event and it was a huge success. I am now in the process of starting SLAM, a non-profit performance program for youth that includes hip-hop, spoken word and poetry. Right now I am working on developing SLAM into a YMCA program to be accessible to kids here in Denver, Colorado so they can come and take free lessons.

Q: What is your favorite Cottonwood Institute memory or story from your course?

A: My favorite memory from my course was the bond I had with Ford Church, Founder and Director of the Cottonwood Institute. Ford took me out of my comfort zone. I joined the course as an at risk youth. I hated everyone and everything, and Ford took me out of that mentality.

Q: What social or environmental issue are you most passionate about and what are you doing to address it?

A: I am most passionate about addressing poverty and violence. I am starting SLAM to give kids a positive outlet, to help provide a different outlook on life, and to offer better role models in their lives.


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