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Students from STRIVE Prep- RISE Find Time for Peaceful Reflection at Caribou Ranch

Life is stressful.  No less so for freshmen at STRIVE Prep -RISE in Northeast Denver.  While the social stresses of starting high school are beginning to relax a bit, academic stress is rising.  These students are also feeling the stress of current events which are causing a lot of unease for their communities.  On February 4th eighteen students and three Cottonwood Institute instructors set out to get a dose of peaceful reflection and winter fun at Caribou Ranch Open space to clear away all their troubles.

We learned to walk in snowshoes, and laughed a lot when we learned why we wear snowshoes.  The snow was a lot deeper than we thought.  We learned to build leave no trace fires in the snow and sat around and drank hot cocoa with our friends.  We experienced the ultimate peace and quiet when we got in the quinzhee we had built.  The thick snow walls insulated us from outside noise leading one student to say that was the most quiet he had ever heard.  After returning from our trip, the students were asked to reflect on their experiences by writing a poem.  Here are three that will hopefully bring you some measure of the peace we felt that snowy Saturday.

By Rachel Brock

Snow falling Time passed by Cold slowly becomes hot Warm by fire Laughs yet silence Wandering the woods Pause.  looking at the  Sky one last time ‘Til we go back to The noisy city ~Pause~

By Elizabeth Jurry

Wild.  Wonderful. Warm. Sun rays fall. Catching pebbles of snow. Smokey fire fills the hearts of sorrow. Leaving one trace of fun games and ear touching smiles. The trees stand still like statues wanting more. The day is over. The memories will last forever.

By Bryan Enriquez

The frost can’t reach our warm flesh layers are barriers no cotton just prayers


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