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Outdoor Clinic Assignment Handout

Your Outdoor Clinic Assignment is due on Wednesday, May 24, 2006. If you lost the Outdoor Clinic Assignment handout, Click Here to download a copy of the assignment.

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  1. Eric

    Outdoor Clinic Report

    I attended Dirt Days, a gathering of environmental and adventure oriented organizations, businesses, and people put on by the Boulder Adventure Film Festival. Says the film fest’s web site, “To acknowledge and spread the creativity, enthusiasm, and activism inherent in Adventure is our mission.” The fair, or exposition, or whatever one would call it, was held at Central Park in Boulder. I met people from Boulder County Open Space, Rock the Earth, REI, Boulder Adventure Film Festival, Elephant Magazine and more. I spent most of my time there drifting between the farmers market and Dirt Days, looking for inspired youth interested in the Cottonwood Institute’s courses, but I did chat with many representatives of environmental businesses and organizations.

    One guy was there showing some solar energy gadgets, and I really enjoyed talking to him about the future of solar energy, hydrogen cars, and fossil fuels. I’m not sure what exactly does, but he was very knowledgeable about solar and hydrogen power in the here and now. I was mostly curious about the future of it, asking questions about making the system efficient enough for the market. The REI tent was pitching for outdoor volunteering, advertising projects with VOC, WRV, and CTI. I think it is really cool that REI supports service in that way, and I know they have the potential to go further.

    I think Dirt Days could really take off if it can hit the “Tipping Point” where it becomes a place where all adventure retailers have to be and environmental, sustainability networking can take place. Amazing things can happen, I think, when you get these people in one place talking to each other.


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