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Shablam – CAP at New Vista has the Perfect Backpacking Recipe 

perfect backpacking recipe for CAP at New Vista Backpacking, for anyone who has been, is like a recipe. A little of this, a little of that to produce an unforgettable experience. Each trip has some key ingredients; there are those touching moments you can’t get when plugged into your phone or IPad. The pride of overcoming obstacles to meet basic needs, an incredible sense of accomplishment. For many of us, once we’ve showered and are sitting at our computers once again, there is the overwhelming desire to plan our next trip. For seven intrepid New Vista High School students taking the Community Adventure Program Class (CAP) and three guides, our trip’s perfect backpacking recipe included:


6 amazing displays of nature art
+ 2 discussions on how societies operate and the relationships between violence, socialism, and privilege
+ 7 ticks
+ 1 artichoke, bubble gum, capri sun shopping list
+ at least 6 really good brain teasers
– 2 large bottles of Gatorade
– 1 64-oz bottle of Naked Juice
=a New Vista/Cottonwood Institute perfect Backpacking recipe


After a detailed lessonperfect backpacking recipe for CAP at New Vista  on how to properly pack your backpack, we boarded the van for our trip. The ride up included wonderfully intense conversations. We talked about the sustainability triangle, which is the interrelationships between society, economy and the environment. Many students claimed not to be morning people, but made very astute observations and asked thoughtful questions. We spent our time doing a number of different activities. Some highlights of the trip were learning knots, proper bear bag techniques, solving a brainteaser about seagulls and cannibalism, and making an efficient human chain to make light work of moving wood for our service project. A nighttime favorite was songs around the campfire. Areas of perseverance included cold temperatures, snow, ticks, and heavy packs. In the end, we all shared a sense of accomplishment. We are definitely ready to head out again next month!
We would like to say thank you to Calwood Education Center for allowing us to spend time on their beautiful land.


Check out more photos from our trip here!

Written by CAP class instructor: Amy Atkins


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