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CAP Inspires Another All-Star Group

Completed Cold Frame Action Project! (clockwise from top left: Max, David, Pace, TJ, Tara, Tehya, James, Hank and Jade

Another quarter of the Community Adventure Program has come to a close, but we inspired another all-star group of outdoor enthusiasts as well as old and new environmentally minded students.  We had tons of fun on the overnights bonding with this small group.  The weather was unseasonably warm for December camping and, while we talked of the serious issues of climate change, we enjoyed the sunny days!

James and Pace with hand made fishing spears....no fish though.

We also put together a wonderful Action Project.  We educated our school about the disappearance of honey bees and how to help take action.  We also built a cold-frame to improve upon the growing season of the pollinator garden at New Vista High School.  Our hope is that this can be used by future CAP classes to continue to invigorate our school garden, while supporting the dwindling bee population.

Pace pounces as TJ reacts while Jade is ready for action at a safe distance in a challenging game of PDQ!

The students had a great time throughout the quarter and learned an immense amount about bees, gardening, wilderness skills and of course, themselves!

Here is how they tell it:

“When I heard about the Community Adventure Program I was interested in what they were doing, but unsure that they could do this at a public school…I have learned many things from this class, but most of all, that teamwork and to help the community and a fellow classmate is the best feeling to me.” -David Clement

“The best part of the class was that we spent almost half of it outside….I learn so much better when I am outside, it really helps me to think.” -Pace Dubois

Redefining teamwork and leadership. Teyha, David, Pace and Max make it through the caterpillar challenge!

“With the knowledge I have gained on the overnights I feel confident I could go out into the wild and not just survive but actually thrive for at least a couple of days.” -Max F. Rashbaum

“What I didn’t realize is that this class is so much more than just learning survival skills. I fell in love with this class.”  James Hanifin

“I think that our Action Project went really well…” TJ Tharp

“I was stoked everyday to see what I was getting hands on experience with that day. And while I was learning these skills I was also servicing my community! It was like my dream for how school should be!”  Max F. Rashbaum

Max and Tara haul wood for our service project at Calwood.

“Throughout the quarter my opinion of CAP began to become more positive.  I began to enjoy the interactions I had with my peers, and to enjoy being part of the CAP class community.”  Jade Ueji

“I really feel as if CAP class #27 has developed into a small, friendly, eco-conscious community.”  Tara Putorti

“CAP has opened my eyes to reducing my carbon footprint.”  Hank White

“I will take what I learned from class and use it in the rest of my life.  The cold frame and the other survival skills are really relevant to my life goals.”  Pace Dubois

“This class made me realize that every single person is so unique.” James Hanifin

“CAP has made me more confident in my status as a transitional outdoors person, and has taught me a lot of valuable things about nature, teamwork, society, and the world at large.”  Tara Putorti


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