Littleton Academy students pose while cooking dinner


Licked by Wolves: Littleton Academy at Mission:Wolf

Littleton Academy students ventured to Mission: Wolf to learn about wolves’ key part in our ecosystems. Written by CI Instructor Tucker Knight.   Cottonwood Institute scooped up 19 Littleton Academy students this Memorial Day Weekend for an end-of-school celebration trip. Students realized quickly that although school was officially out, the learning had yet to begin…. Read more »

Littleton Academy Mission Wolf Trip Summer 2019


Littleton Academy Students Howl With the Wolves!

“I have the power of grape juice and I’m not afraid to use it!” Littleton Academy fifth grader AJ exclaimed Saturday morning as an animated group of 19 prepared for a day with the rescued wolves at Mission:Wolf. A lot of work had taken place leading up to that moment of anticipation, arriving at and… Read more »

Littleton Academy spends a weekend with the wolves


Littleton Academy Spends a Weekend with The Wolves

“I kissed a wolf, and I liked it,” a fifth-grader from Littleton Academy sang. She had just met Mission:Wolf’s newest addition, Nashira, a 14-week-old pup. A group of 23 fifth graders traveled to Mission:Wolf, the wolf sanctuary in Colorado’s Wet Mountains to participate in Littleton Academy’s annual endangered wolf project led by Cottonwood Institute. Friday… Read more »


Leaving It All Behind: Littleton Academy at Mission: Wolf

Gear flung everywhere, smiles abound, and parents left behind! It’s time for an adventure! Twenty-one Littleton Academy 5th graders and six adults headed out to howl with the wolves this past week at Mission: Wolf, a wolf sanctuary hidden in the shadows of the beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountains just outside of Gardner, Colorado. For… Read more »


A Perfect Recipe for the Perfect Adventure!

  All recipes call for a variety of ingredients depending on what you are creating.  At Cottonwood Institute, we create adventure, and we had the perfect ingredients for the perfect adventure this past May when we teamed up with Mission: Wolf for Littleton Academy’s third annual fifth grade trip. Over 50 fifth graders made the trek to… Read more »


Littleton Academy Students Earn Their Wolf Kisses

From brilliant sunshine to whipping wind to glistening snowflakes, Littleton Academy 5th graders saw it all this spring at Mission: Wolf, a wolf and horse sanctuary in the remote Colorado mountains where volunteers work hard to educate visitors about wolves. The weather was no concern for this group; however, as the excitement of meeting the… Read more »