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Happy 50th Birthday, Earth Day!

Earth Day Stay-At-Home Challenge

Just because you are stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t do something to save the planet. Here are some great activities collected by the CAP Class at Angevine Middle School, and CAP instructor Erin Angel!

Choose at least one challenge from each category and complete it. Each category contains some challenges that you can do even if you can’t leave your home. Those challenges will have an asterisk (*). Completing one from each category is a real accomplishment.

Connect with Nature

*Do a Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

*Really get to know one small spot near your home: The World in One Square Foot

*Do a very short hike: MicroHike

*Here is a nature connection activity you can do while lying in bed! Early Bird Nature Connection

*An easy one you can coordinate with the evening howl Nature Connection Natural Rhythms

Direct Action – doing something real to help the world

earth day challenge

Pick up trash around your neighborhood. Choose one area and make it pristine!

*Play the EcoCycle Recycle Sorting Game

*Plant a carbon sequestering organism (a plant!). If you don’t have a packet of seeds, eat a fruit and plant the seeds from that in Origami Seedling Pots from Newspaper.

*Learn to read a bus schedule and plan a summer bus trip. See How to Read a Bus Schedule or RTD Trip Planner.

*Time your shower. Save water and rock your day by timing your shower to one of these 5 Minute Shower Tunes.

Go a whole week without riding in a car.

*Trick out your bike so it can be your main grocery-getter by making a DIY Bike Basket.

Plant a xeriscape Garden in a Box.

*Educate yourself so you can make positive change. Take this quiz to find out how much water you use (the results will surprise you!). Water Calculator

Environmental Activism – making lasting change

Earth Day Signs*Write your elected officials to ask them to work to protect  the health of our planet and its inhabitants, not just industry. Contact the President, Your Congressperson and Senator.

*Email your city council and ask them to allow Greywater Recycling Systems.

*Make signs for your yard proclaiming your passion for the planet. Check out these Clever Sign Ideas and share these on social media, too!

*Do sidewalk chalk art with an environmental theme.

Take a nature photograph and share it on social media with #savetheplanet (and tag us at @cottonwoodinstitute on Facebook and Instagram!)

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