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Angevine Middle School CAP Spring Overnight: Undaunted

The week preceding the Angevine Middle School spring trip to Cheley Outpost was snowy and sleety and miserable, enough to make the weak-willed have second thoughts about sleeping in a tent. But this group from Angevine has more Will than most (they have two!) and they were undaunted. They just threw some extra layers in their packs and loaded into the big white vans up St. Vrain Canyon.

Angevine Middle School Spring OvernightEven before they arrived at their destination, this group was having adventures. We’ll let you read their accounts of the trip:

“This is the best kidnapping I’ve ever staged. Where are my keys?” — Mrs. Angel, on getting ready to leave the school.

“On the bus ride there, I cut my fingers off, and that was really fun: Go, Team Sambulance!” — Eli  (Don’t worry, no fingers were seriously harmed in the making of this trip)

“We had some great laughs on the trip, and Galen struggled to cross the creek. I looked really not normal in every picture of me. Also, according to Galen, I looked like a very grumpy guru while sitting on the rocks overlooking the valley and Longs and Meeker. Aidan smashed in the face of the beautiful snow bird we built, with Galen chucking leaves and screaming ‘FEATHERS!!’ During a great night hike with Mrs. Angel, Mr. Marrero, and our tent group, we talked about time and space. We also saw a satellite. That was pretty enjoyable. This was a great trip and I will not be forgetting it any time soon. This is the best class ever.” – Eli

Sadie and the girls’ tent were slightly more reflective with their account:

Angevine Middle School Spring Overnight“As we look back on the trip, all of the fond memories and moments are kept safe. These memories include Team Sambulance, the pyromaniac circle, including Will/Phillip/Knifeboi/RD/Gabetamer/Tinkerbell/Willup/Susie/Boat-Boy/Phill/Tinkerboat/Tinkerboy/Willigator/Dill-Dill-Pickle-Pill (these are all the nicknames one of the students collected during the course of the semester).

More memories include: the amazing view, the hilarious but concentrated games of camouflage, the fire-building, the setting up of the tents, and the cooking. Must I go on? I will anyway. The end-of-trip Fire Pit Praise, the snowbird (again, don’t ask), the ga-ga ball, and Demon Sam. All of these good times we now share with each other have helped us all grow closer. We’re very happy we got to share these experiences with you.

This was also one of the better birthdays I’ve had. I love this class. It was so much fun to have my birthday on a trip with this amazing class. This class has an amazing connection that I love. We are all so close to each other.”

Written by Angevine Middle School CAP Instructor Erin Angel and her students

See more photos from the trip here!

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