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Action Project: Promote Bike Commuting!

For our Action Project, the Community Adventure Program (CAP) students at PS1 have decided to take a look at transportation.  In doing so, we found out that most of the students in our class are pretty good at using public transportation (since they can’t drive!).  However, we also found that it would be much more efficient and healthy if they could ride their bikes to school, friends houses, on errands, etc.

CAP partnered with Derailer Bicycle Collective to fix up a fleet of bikes for the students.  In the end, every student was able to have a functioning bike to take home.  Furthermore, students learned about safe routes to school, safety, and most importantly- how to keep their bike in working order.

Many of the donated bikes were completely un-rideable when we got them.  Now however, they look almost new!  Thank you so much to the volunteers at Derailer for their time, expertise, tools, and extra parts!

Students work with Derailer volunteers to fix brakes, wheels, and spokes.

“I liked being able to have someone show me what to do, then getting a chance to try it myself.” – Indio

Yeah! Bikes that work! It's time to ride...


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