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Amazing Action Projects in 2018!

Our 2018 season of Cottonwood Institute (CI) CAP classes has come to an end! Each of our CAP classes spend a portion of their time service learning through their class action projects! In case you missed it, check out a few of the amazing Action Projects created by CI CAP students in 2018!

Ending Car Idling at School With KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy

KSPA Idling Action Project

KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy students focused on the environmental impact of car idling and create a meaningful campaign to reduce the number of people leaving their cars running at their school!

Engineering for the Planet at Centaurus High School

CAP students at Centaurus High School combined their love for making things with their passion for the planet by creating items they can actually use from repurposed materials!

Natural Body Care Alternatives with Angevine Middle School

Natural Body Care Alternatives with Angevine Middle School

CAP students at Angevine Middle School researched common toxins in body care products and learned how to make natural alternatives.

Eliminating Single Use Plastics with New Vista High School

New Vista High School CAP Students Take On Plastic

New Vista High School CAP students researched single use plastic and work to inspire other students to start using non-disposable containers for their food rather than single-use plastic and Styrofoam products!

We are so proud of the work our students are doing, and of the impact they are having in their communities! Stay tuned to see what inspiring Action Projects and stories we share in 2019!


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