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Interns Finish Renovations at Waneka Farm

When the Lafayette Stewardship Youth Corps first met at the Waneka Centennial Farm at the start of November, it seemed like the restoration project list had no end. While there is much work still to be done there, this group of hardworking interns made huge first steps (literally!) towards making this a functional space for the City of Lafayette.

Stewardship Program students at the Waneka Centennial Farm

The team removed over 500 yards of old barbed wire fences, removed invasive weeds all around the 4-acre farm, dug a trench for and installed a flagstone pathway in the chicken coop, and picked up loose metal and trash in the areas they worked. It was a lot of work, but they made time to play games and learn other valuable outdoor skills as well!

While at the farm, the group learned how to use a flint and steel, started cotton ball fires, set up and used camp stoves, completed an 8-hour Wilderness First Aid course, used knives to whittle sticks, and played games every day to take much needed breaks from the physical work.

path building project at the Waneka Centennial Farm

The group will turn their focus next to some projects at Alicia Sanchez International School in downtown Lafayette. The City of Lafayette installed a nature play area along the northern border of the school grounds. That area and the adjacent trail will see improvements and additions with the help of this Youth Corps over the next couple months.

The Lafayette Stewardship Youth Corps is a program co-developed with Wildlands Restoration Volunteers and the City of Lafayette.

Written by Internship Program Instructor Adam Fedyski

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