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Cottonwood Institute Received 2019 ColoradoBiz Magazine Top Company Award

Cottonwood Institute Wins 2019 Top Company Award in the Nonprofit Category!


On August 28, 2019, Cottonwood Institute‘s (CI) hard work was recognized when it won the coveted ColoradoBiz Magazine Top Company Award in the nonprofit category.

According to Ford Church, CI’s Founder and Executive Director, “kids today are spending 50 hours per week in front of some screen or device, soon they will be asked to help solve the most pressing environmental issues our planet has ever faced in human history, and they are not learning the skills they need to be leaders, problem-solvers, and changemakers to help address these issues.”

This is where Cottonwood Institute steps in.

Ford started CI as a culminating project of his Master’s Thesis at Prescott College 15 years ago and CI is committed to connecting underserved students to the outdoors and empowering them to tackle local issues in their schools, the community, and the environment for future generations.

A huge thanks goes out to ColoradoBiz Magazine, Deloitte, Moye White, Versatility Creative Group for the great video, CI students, parents, program partners, staff, instructors, volunteers, sponsors, board members, and everyone else who makes CI’s programs possible.

CI also wants to give a shout out to our nonprofit nominees for the Top Company Award: Youthroots, Rocky Mountain Microfinance Institute, and the Better Business Bureau that are doing incredible work in the community and deserve special recognition as well.

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