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The Overland Fire, by Chloe Forsman and Dana Nelson

Early morning on Wednesday, October 29, 2003 a power line blew over near the old Burlington Mine west of Jamestown, literally sparking a fire that would torch 3,500 acres in less than twenty-four hours. The fire spread quickly, fed by dry climate and winds exceeding thirty miles per hour at times; by 10:00 am the fire had devoured 400 acres. The town of Jamestown was evacuated around noon and a crew of 100 firefighters fought to save the small community. By evening the fire had grown to 3,000 acres and in addition to Jamestown residential homes throughout Lefthand Canyon, Fairview Mountain, Heil Ranch and homes along Lee Hill and Old Stage roads were evacuated.

Smoke from the fire drifted out across Longmont and the plains and could be seen as far East as Denver. Points offering shelter to evacuees were set up at Centennial Middle School and the Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont. The fire was classified as a Type one on a scale from 1-3 with one being the most serious. Two helicopters were stationed in Boulder to help fight the fires although because of the high winds they were never able to leave the ground. By Wednesday evening a cold front had reached the foothills and the temperature decreased dramatically and the winds died. Crews were able to partially contain the fire that night although the fire was not 100% contained until the evening of Saturday, Nov 1, 2003. Crews are still monitoring the fire for “flare-ups.”

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One Response to “The Overland Fire, by Chloe Forsman and Dana Nelson”

  1. Mikal B.

    Chloe and Dana:

    Thank you very much for that informative report on the recent fire. As a former resident of Boulder (now living in Indianapolis, Indiana) I often check the Boulder Daily Camera website for the latest news on my former hometown. I had heard about the fires and wanted to learn more, but the Daily Camera’s Internet reporting of the situation just didn’t tell me everything that I wanted to know in one succinct article. Your article, on the other hand, was exactly what I needed, so thanks!

    You know, being a part of a community doesn’t have to end when you move away to a new town or go off to college somewhere else (yes, there actually is life outside of Boulder 🙂 Keeping up with your friends, as I do with many Boulderites on a daily and weekly basis; reading informative websites (such as this one); and knowing where your heart belongs, all contribute to ‘sense of community’ — no matter how far apart you are from those places and people you hold near and dear to your heart.

    Thanks for adding value to my community. Keep up the great work!


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