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Student Journal Entry, by Misra Cohen-MacGill

Another great week of CAP has passed, and it is time to review all the incredible information that we have learned. Tuesday we worked some more on the community action project, and everyone was assigned something to research. This took up most of the class so got down to the real learning on Wednesday. As usual it was a jam-packed day. We started off with getting in to cook groups for the coming trip and going over the new and improved gear list. Next, we had a presentation by Jessie about different kinds of snow shelters. It made a lot of sense that the igloo came from the Inuit Eskimos. Then we got to construct our own igloos out of sugar cubes! This was so much fun although it took a little while to come up with a good strategy so that the igloo didn

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One Response to “Student Journal Entry, by Misra Cohen-MacGill”

  1. William Rodland

    Sounds to me like you had a great adventure! Hearing about all the different things you are learning about makes me want to go camping with you! Perhaps you can teach me how to build these two differt types of shelters on the land (in Lyons). Of course this will mean that you have to talk to the snow ferries next winter about dumping a whole bunch of snow if I come out for the holidays! I supose we could drag all our camping gear with thr toboggan. Hey … Banchi and Charlie could come with us too!

    Uncle Bill


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