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Student Journal Entry, By Jesse Yoh

No one makes good decisions in the grocery store. The whole idea – thousands of boxes stacked high on shelves – higher than one can reach. Rows upon rows, the ends of the isles places of interest, sales, deals, good buys. One finds himself examining the milk cartons wondering, “which milk is the best deal” and “do I even need milk?” As I stand there pondering, reality momentarily creeps upon me. I realize for an instant that I am shopping for a winter camping trip, and that frozen milk is probably not at the top of the food list.

And then I contemplate. It occurs to me that the milk section is at the complete opposite section of the store from the entrance. It appears that I have no memory of actually walking through the store to get to the milk section. Maybe I just teleported or maybe

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One Response to “Student Journal Entry, By Jesse Yoh”

  1. Ford Church

    Jesse, thank you for answering that age old question that has been plaguing humankind for hundreds of thousands of years – you CAN bring eggs winter camping!


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