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Student Journal Entry, by Becky Goodhew

This week was a really fun week in our CAP class. On Tuesday we discussed the community action project that we’re going to be doing. The community action project last quarter was centered around trying to stop people from leaving dog poo on trails. I think this class we may end up doing something about the brown cloud we saw on our hike, because everyone seems to be really upset about that still. Wednesday, we had class at a park and learned all about how to leave no trace from the other Ford. This information is obviously going to be very useful for us in this class, especially on our overnights. We also had a quiz about the Snow Sense book, and the information it had about avalanches. Friday we had a Socratic Seminar about snowmobile use in the backcountry. This is a really controversial issue, because the snowmobilers are fighting to be able to keep riding in the backcountry, and environmentalist are on the other side of the argument saying its bad for the environment. I would definitely have to roll with the environmentalist

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