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Student Journal, By Misra Cohen-MacGill

I’m back in CAP for another quarter and so happy to be back. The first two have already flown by. The first few days of the quarter were basically an overview of what the class is about. We decorated our journals and got to know our classmates a little better. The second day of CAP we went on our first hike up to Chataqua. We played a game where we had to practice a stalking technique in order to sneak up on the person who was trying to find us.

The second full week of class we went over different aspects of what it means to be involved in the community, and an overview of what the action project will encompass. We met with the two other people who are going to join us for 4 days in may and brain stormed possible topics we could do. Thursday we refined and enlarged our list and thought up different projects we could do for the environmental issues in Boulder. Friday, we took our second hike with Valerie from the city of Boulder parks service who talked to us about different invasive species, including the New Zealand mud snail. She also told us about the impact of walking off trail and the so-called “social trails” that are caused because of it. Also what the parks service is doing to try and keep these things in line.

So far, I have gotten to know the other students in the class better and I learned how to walk in the woods with out making a sound, or at least very little. I enjoyed that game a lot and I hope we can play it again because I want a chance at being it. Another thing I learned is what it takes to make a change in the world. Things like creativity, connections, and future pull are all essential to making a difference. During our hike on Friday I learned a lot about the invasive plants in the area. I had no idea this was going on. I knew a little about nap weed previously but I didn’t now these foreign plants posed such a threat to our environment. I also learned why it is so important to STAY ON TRAIL. I was blown away by the number of social trails on the map and also the big problem with dogs in the park. And last of all I can’t forget the New Zealand mud snail that is such a threat to our environment, and there seems to be no plausible solution in sight.

I can use the information I have gained in class to contribute to and make a difference with our action project later on in the quarter, and to be more aware of my environment. You won’t see my dogs off leash in open space any more. I can also inform other people about these invasive species that are causing so many problems. I’m excited about the new class and the new quarter and can’t wait to learn more and go on the camping trips!

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