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Josie’s Poem about our action Project

Journal Entry – Question: “Hopes, Ideas, Challenges on Action Project (theme of Transportation)?”

(note: ‘ours’ means Boulder/CAP/New Vista; ‘we’=CAP)

I have many hopes and dreams

            save the world, find some friends, fight some battles —

I have many hard times as well;

            challenges, conflicts, cynicism –

But for good, solid, Action – such a Project

requires thought.

My hopes for our project are such that New Vista may benefit from our actions on t transportation;

My hopes are such that the bus system is more efficient;

My dreams are such that I may not need to use a car –

that a bike or a bus is sufficient;

My dreams are such that nature is incorporated

into the very fiber,

            as it were, of every means of transportation –



and beyond

My dreams and hopes are such that unique energy sources

that let us ‘get there’ quickly; may be ours to have

and to share.

Challenges? That’s harder – I’m sure our ‘foes’ are plenty;

I fear the time – fleeting, always less –

            will hinder, as it always does;

I fear the ignorance of others, which will always come in plenty;

            may stunt us for a time –

I fear the rise and fall of inspirited ideas;

            like waves, inconstant but in their

consistency for dreams –

            I know that difficulties from adults in the big world of business,

                        may hinder us with their unbelieving eyes

(meaning their tired-of-teens sighs)

            I know that we – however corny it may seem – may overcome

                        the obstacles –

                        if we are obstinate and fight

for our meager rights…

even in transportation,

we may win.

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