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Has anyone here ever had a reality check?, By Dan Mills, CAP Student

Has anyone here ever had a reality check?
Heck, I have them all the time
Mine came to me -far off in the wilderness
By an old sage tree
As I stood there this random rhyme came to me
My heart said this
Everything good seems natural
And natural is the only thing free…factual?
I thought this was intriguing because indeed in my mind nature is the one truest flavor
And damn we don’t imbrace her like we should and care for her like loving people would but she’s Truely genuine
And now that I think about it her uniqueness beauty and life constitute the one real, living and true Definition of sublime

But it’s fading fast my friends it’s fading fast
I can’t quite grasp how long this painting will last- before its annihilated by the human mask
And when that day comes these stupid humans will meet my wrath
Do the math
It’s not gonna be much longer
The chaos of this place will turn your reality somber
Not much longer
Little by little more and more
These corporate hores will exploite the beauty for their selfish score
And then beautiful the earth will be no more
This is not gibberish or folk lore people this is the real war
Decide which side your on- then look closely and you’ll see your choice of sides could be very wrong

But heck am I just blabbering?
Or when are you gonna have a reality check

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