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STRIVE Prep — RISE Group Orients to Each Other, Natural World

STRIVE Prep — RISE sent their second group of freshmen out to Sylvan Dale Ranch last weekend for an orientation trip full of fun and adventure! The group had a chance to bond with friends and with the natural world while playing outside, learning about stars, and enjoying delicious meals and s’mores around the campfire.

STRIVE Prep — RISE Overnight 2

The group arrived to their outdoor sanctuary and were cheerfully greeted by Silas, the education manager at Sylvan Dale’s Heart J Center. Silas briefed the group on local wildlife, camp procedures, and tips to help respect the amazingly biodiverse land that they were lucky enough to spend the night in. After getting oriented and setting up camp, the group set out to explore the ranch on an exciting hike down to the river. The students enjoyed throwing rocks into the river and had a great time checking out expansive views from high above.

Back at camp, the group was split into three teams. One team got started on dinner while another dug sump holes for the camp. The dinner crew prepared a mouthwatering meal of pasta, sauce, chicken, and zucchini. After dinner, the third team did an immaculate job of cleaning up the dishes, all while leaving no trace on the pristine campsite. The group convened to learn about stars and take a moment to gaze into the night sky. They were able to see some constellations and get a good look at the milky way above. After star gazing, they started a comforting campfire and enjoyed s’mores and stories together.

STRIVE Prep — RISE Overnight 2The next morning, the group shared a tasty breakfast and took some time to sit with themselves and with nature. As the day warmed up, they packed up camp and began to close out what had been an amazing trip. Everyone gathered to share their favorite memories and lessons learned during their time at the ranch. They had a final lunch together and loaded up the vans to head back to the city full of new experiences and strengthened friendships.

Written by CI Instructor Alex Simonian

See more photos from the trip here!

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