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Board Spotlight: Whitney Bell Haggard

Whitney with fishContinuing with Cottonwood Institute’s new board member introductions, we’d like to introduce Whitney Bell Haggard, who joined the Board of Directors this fall. Learn more about Whitney below, and read our other staff and board profiles here.

How did you find Cottonwood Institute and what inspired you to join the board?
I first learned about Cottonwood from my good friend, Allie Cohen. Her passion for the work that Cottonwood does with youth is contagious. I have a background in outdoor education that I haven’t had the opportunity to utilize in many years so I was really interested in how that, in addition to my non-profit experience, could support all the amazing work that CI is doing.

Whitney with familyWhat’s your “board superpower?”
I think my superpower is looking for unexpected partners and engaging them in the things they have in common. I love the challenge of looking for a unique partnership that will be mutually beneficial and yet expand the base of support for Cottonwood!

What do you do outside of Cottonwood?
Outside of Cottonwood I am the Vice President of Strategy for U.S. Engineering. I love working with teams of people to dream up big ideas and then map out how we bring them to life. I also teach yoga, cycling, and rowing in my spare time. I love spending time with my husband, Tyler, and two children, Riley and Townes. We try to get outdoors as much as possible whether it is skiing, hunting, hiking, biking or just playing with our dog, June Carter Cash, on our land we have in Southern Colorado.

Whitney with familyWhy is exploring the outdoors important to you?
I absolutely believe that exploring the outdoors makes me healthier in a physical, mental, and emotional state. I have also seen the effects on my own children and in the groups that I have facilitated through my work from college through my early career with young adult cancer patients. I know that outdoor activities have previously been cost prohibitive and have really been less inclusive and I am excited to support Cottonwood as they break that mold and engage more people in the outdoors.

What’s an unusual skill people might not know you have?
I have raced several Ironman triathlons; I can sew, play almost any string instrument, and fall asleep in any moving vehicle. I feel like those are pretty unusual skills these days!

We’re happy to have you on the team, Whitney!

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